Your next adventure is right around the corner.

Each AOM Founder Residency is designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and life-long relationships in a stunning setting.

There’s just something about LIVING with 8-12 deep thinkers and innovators that rubs off on you and supercharges your personal growth.

Will you be joining us?


FR003: Noosa, November 2024

10 days in an Australian wellness oasis

November 3, 2024


FR002: Lombok, July 2024

10 days in a castle surrounded by lush jungle & sandy beaches

July 22, 2024


FR001: Greece, May 2024

10 days on the sunkissed, whitewashed island of Milos

May 25, 2024


FR000: Mallorca, May 2024

3 weeks in the beautiful Mallorcan countryside

May 3, 2024


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